In January of 2005, I was diagnosed with Autoimmune Hepatitis (non-contagious). Doctors still uncertain as to why this happened just that my liver was attacking it self..  I really didn’t know what was going at the time, I just knew my upper right side  had been uncomfortable for almost a month, any time I ate I would get nausea and my appetite started to decrease. My husband had noticed it as well, I mean geshhh, my husband had made a prime rib dinner to die for, I mean it was outstanding!! and I could only eat a tiny bit, he had notice my appetite decreasing. After much harping at me I finally went to the Dr.

Made the appointment and went for my evaluation and we thought maybe I was having a minor gall bladder attack.

So I went and had my blood work done the same day , I hadn’t eaten anything yet and it was a fasting Lab order. The next day I found my self in the hospital on the brink of liver failure.

Stayed in the hospital for about 4 days and then decided I could recoup better at home,  by this time my skin color started to turn jaundice (yellow) and seem to get worse,  besides the discomfort of a swollen liver, the severe joint pain was hell!!!.. it was hard to walk,to turn even in bed. I would not wish that kinda pain on my worst enemy! My Husband and children took such good care of me I don’t know how I will ever re-pay them…. Even my 4 year old granddaughter would cover me with her favorite blanket and tell me”grandma your just a little sick, when you get pink again we are goin shopping”

I  was referred to a specialist in Tucson at UMC ( University Medical Center)and they put me on the mend hopefully. Currently on medications called Imuran and Predisone.

In March I finally went back to work, half days,as I fatigue quite easily and now have normal skin tone, my appetite is back.

Below are some links I have found with information on Autoimmune Hepatitis and hopefully other will under stand it as well.

I am still baffled by it.. Below are some links I hope will help other understand this disease and will ad more as I find them.

National Digestive Diseases
Liver News Letter
Liver Foundation

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